Our Lady of Lourdes, Shotton Colliery                                                               

Partnership of St. Mary the Virgin  Parish Priest: Rev. Frank McCullagh Tel. 0191 5812368

Parish Contact:  Mrs. Norma Musgrave Tel. 0191 5262965      Baptism Contact: Eileen Stephenson Tel. 0191 5267866

Mass Intentions December 15th - 22nd

Confession after Mass Saturday morning.

Sat       (15th)       6 p.m.         Foster, Ryan and Fannan families & People of the Parish                             

                             Mon     (17th)       9:30            Joseph Bernard Devine

                            Tues    (18th)        9:30            Elsie May Marr                           

                            Wed     (19th)        9:30            Pat and Agnes McCluskey            

                            Thurs   (20th)        9:30            Matthew Thirlaway 

                             Fri       (21st)        9:30            Tony Ryan and Carole Baker

                          Sat       (22nd)       9:30            Fr. Meagher (B.G.)

                                                       6 p.m.         Bobby Cumming & People of the Parish



Rev. Frank McCullagh at St. Mary Magdalen Seaham Harbour Telephone 0191 5812368

Alternative Parishes St. Mary the Virgin Partnership.

Saturday Vigil Mass New Seaham 4.30pm. Horden 4.30pm. Blackhall 6pm. Shotton 6pm.

Sunday Mass Hutton Henry 8.30am.  Seaham Harbour 9.30am. Peterlee 9.30am.  Murton 11am. Thornley 11am. Latin Mass 9am.

Your prayers are asked for all the sick and housebound, including; Little Isaac, James and Jude, Steven Briggs, Steven Briggs Snr., Tony Briggs, Christopher Brown, Kenneth Bruce, Andrew Brydon, Liz Butler, Dennis Champley, Christopher, Anne Conroy, James Cooper, Daniel, Jimmy Davison, Joyce, Fr. Dickson, Mary Ebblewhite, Connie Evans, Marianne Fairless, John Frain & partner Lynsy, Winnie Hudson, Ann Jones, Denise Jones, Gillian Magee, Marie, Julie McCluskey, Morris,  Mr. Robinson, Richy, Rose, Sarah, Vera Stanger, Les Thompson, all our sick friends and relatives.


Mass Intentions:  It has been stipulated by Bishop Cunningham that from immediate effect, there is to be one intention per Mass.  Over the years, many of you have been gracious enough to share Masses when anniversaries have occurred at the same time, but now the Bishop’s ruling for one intention is in place this will no longer be possible.  If there is more than one intention for the same date, the first one booked will take priority.  Also, Easter and Christmas Masses will be said for the People of the Parish only and no other intention will be recorded for those dates. 

Church cleaning takes place on Wednesday evening at 6.30 p.m. Please give a little of your time and let us all work together to spruce up the church in readiness for our Christmas celebrations.  EVERYONE WELCOME.

Congratulations to Winnie Thirlaway who celebrates her 90th birthday on Monday 17th December.  We wish her many blessings and best wishes.

Thank you and well done to Our Lady of Lourdes School for the lovely Christmas performances which took place during the week.  The singing was excellent and many of our parishioners commented on how well the children did.

Food Bank:  Donations are still welcome as the holidays are approaching and need will be high.  Thank you and many blessings to those who give their continued support. 

Seafarers:  As with the food bank, this also relies on your generosity which regularly comes in abundance.  Again, thank you to good folks who support the AOS.  We will ask Deacon Peter to collect more items before Christmas.

 Please remember all the members of our Armed Forces in your prayers

The Bulletin:  if you would like to share some good news with the parish, please let us know and we can announce it on the Bulletin, also don't forget to check out the notice boards for Diocesan news, courses etc.

Help needed:- Is there any handy persons in the parish that would like to help out with small jobs, just like in your own home small jobs crop up in the church and the presbytery . Please let us know if you maybe able to lend a hand. Thank you.   

Offertory Envelopes :-  Boxes of envelopes for planned giving are available from the back of church. Anyone who has not had envelopes in the past please consider taking a set as this helps us to forecast Parish income over the coming year. If you pay income tax and are not in the Gift Aid Scheme please consider joining as this tax can be claimed back by the Parish thus boosting Parish funds with no extra cost to you. Forms are available at the back of Church. 

Gift Aid Claims During tax year 2017/2018 we claimed back 2121.52 income tax from 30 gift aid members of this parish. If you pay tax and are not a member of the gift aid scheme see Pat Kimmitt or Joanne Musgrave for details.

Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme Tax year 2016/17 the parish claimed 1799.99 from amount collected from cash donated on the weekly collection plate.

Parish Accounts:- A report of the Parish Accounts will be available each month at the back of church. If you have any questions regarding the reports see Pat Kimmitt.

Fund Raising:- If you have any ideas to raise money for the church and would like to organise something please let Norma Musgrave know. We can publicise the event. The parish ladies will be willing to advise you on how to advertise your event.

Church Raffle:-Many thanks to those who supported last months raffle it raised 214.50  for church funds.

Mission Box Holders: The amount realised for the September quarter  was 472.82 this has been forwarded to Mill Hill missionaries in Durham.

First Aider:- Ian Robinson.

ACTIVITIES  Retreats and Courses:- a list of events and courses can be found on the notice board at the back of church.


OTHER MEMBERS Norma Musgrave, Jo-Anne Laing, Mary Nicholson, Judith Robinson, and Father Frank McCullagh. Meetings held Quarterly in the Presbytery.



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