From this day forward all generations will call me blessed, for the Almighty has done great things for me.
(Luke 1:48)

Mary already shares in her Son’s victory over sin and death. As we rejoice at her glory in heaven we pray that one day we may be found worthy to join her there in praising God with all his saints and angels.

Mary brought Christ to the world. Let us pray for the Church that it may follow her example and may proudly proclaim the message of Christ to the world for which Jesus died and rose again.
Lord, in your loving kindness,Hear and grant our prayer.
Let us pray for all mothers, that they may recognise God working in the lives of their children and that they may prove wise counsellors to them in the ups and downs of everyday life.
Lord, in your...
In this holiday period let us pray for those of our friends and family who are taking a break from their usual routine, that they may be re-created by new experiences and may return safe from their travels.
Lord, in your...
Let us pray for those of our community in need, for the sick and the lonely, for students awaiting exam results, for those seeking work, for those who have recently died and for those who are bereaved.
Lord, in your...

Mary’s song for today’s feast of the Assumption is called the Magnificat and is based on an Old Testament song by Hannah. But the song is not actually about Hannah or Mary. It’s about God and it’s about you and me. The word “Magnificat” means that I am praising God for his greatness.
Mary was blessed because the Lord was with her. Everyone with whom God dwells is blessed, and you are one of those people. Christ dwells with you. He has given you faith to believe in him. He has done everything necessary for your salvation. He talks to you, through his word. He feeds you, with his body and blood. God watches over you and protects you until the day he calls you to be with him. All generations can most certainly call you blessed. You are blessed because Jesus is with you, and he always will be. So with Mary as our example we too can sing the Magnificat.
What are the great things that the Lord has done for me that I want to burst into song about and sing Magnificat? What have I done that needs God’s mercy and how do I feel the forgiveness of God? What are the ways that God shows he is working in my life, with the power of his arm, and which make me want to sing Magnificat? Time and time again God stops me from getting proud-hearted, Magnificat! The God who thwarts the high and mighty and raises the common and garden folk, this same God never ignores me when I stand before him with honesty of heart, Magnificat! He fills me when I am hungry and he laughs at my false claims to be needy, Magnificat! Through my baptism God has promised that I will be his child and he will be my Father, until that day when I shall see him face to face, Magnificat!
Today’s feast represents the crowning glory of Mary’s life of faith lived in the hope and trust that the promises made to her would be fulfilled. By singing the Magnificat Mary shows that she had a deep understanding of God’s continual presence at her side in good times and in bad, and that her gratitude was such that her heart overflowed with praise just at the thought of what God was doing in her life.
By making the Magnificat our own, we too can recognise a God who has favoured his lowly servant; we can show our gratitude to God for the many ways in which his love surrounds us daily; and we can hope and trust in his promise that, like Mary, we will one day see him face to face and praise him for eternity with the saints in heaven. Magnificat!



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