1st Sunday of Lent  Year B

The danger with Lent is that we think of it as “repentance” multiplied by six. In fact it is a journey with recognisable signposts as the weeks go by. This year (Year B) it is characterised by the challenge to be considered fools for Christ’s sake. Our renewal involves pledging ourselves to values that seem sheer madness to the consumer mentality of much of our world. So we confront our temptations (Sunday 1) and we take comfort from the promise of glory (Sunday 2). We profess lives moulded by God’s will rather than our own (Sunday 3). As we recognise our need to be born again and believe in the power of Christ’s saving death (Sunday 4), we acknowledge that we are only fully alive when we die to those aspects of our character that most drag us down (Sunday 5).
(Oliver Todd)

Blessed is he who has never been tempted, for he knows not the frailty of his rectitude.
(Christopher Morley)

Have you ever wanted to run away with your neighbour’s wife? If you have not, then do not condemn the man who does…you might have done likewise.
(H R L Sheppard)


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