Second Sunday of Advent

The terms for 'salvation' in many languages are derived from roots like salvus, saos, whole, heil, which all designate health, the opposite of disintegration and disruption. Salvation is healing in the ultimate sense; it is final cosmic and individual healing.
(Paul Tillich)

Travelling in mufti on a train, an elderly clergyman was accosted by a keen evangelical who asked him, “Are you saved, brother?” His reply was instant. “Well, Live certainly been redeemed,” he said. “But I rather suspect that my salvation depends upon whether or not I pay for my rail ticket upon alighting this train.” A neat but necessary distinction.
(Oliver Todd)

The Christian is saved not in isolation but as a member of the community; he is saved through others. We can only be saved when praying for the salvation of all and with the prayers of all.
(Timothy Ware)


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