Seventh Sunday of Easter

I think a lot of people mean, when they say they are Christian, that they are moral, believe in God and that they have some sort of belief in Christ as a good man, a great spiritual teacher, without being dogmatic in their beliefs. What is surprising is that people continue to use the word “Christian” without aligning themselves to any particular Church or set of beliefs.
(Keith Ward)

People are called to meet the Lord insofar as they constitute a community, a people. It is a question not so much of a vocation to salvation as a convocation.
(Gustavo Gutierrez)

“Consecrate them in the Truth”:
A half-truth is a whole lie.
(Yiddish proverb)

Truth is heavy; few therefore can bear it. (Hebrew proverb)
Truth is God’s daughter.
(Spanish proverb)







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