Easter Sunday

Christ easters in me because I trust that, whatever happens, God still cares for me. God will always be there. Such trust is indeed Christ’s resurrection gift to us begun in baptismal water, fed with his flesh, recovered in the sacrament of reconciliation.
(Walter Burghardt)


O blessed Alleluia of heaven! No more anguish, no more adversity. No more enemy. No more love of destruction. Up above, praise to God, and here below, praise to God. Praise mingled with fear here, but without disturbance above. Here the one who chants must die, but there he will live for ever. Her we chant in hope, there in possession; here it is Alleluia en route, there it is Alleluia on arriving home.

Easter baptism has its consequences. There is a great mystery to learn and a great mission to begin. In more and more parishes, Easter time is not just a remembering something that happened long ago. It is Christ dead and risen in our midst. It is the Spirit breathing in us today. For Easter is made present in the neophytes, the newly baptised among us. Easter is made present in the newly confirmed and those who are brought to the table to make their first Eucharist. And it is baptism and anointing and Eucharist which tells us what to do with these fifty days.
(Peter Scagnelli)


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